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This landing page is here to offer you immediate Options.

This is an all-business portal designed for discovering your options before and under ACA. There are NO dancing hamsters, flashing crawls or pop-ups. It just works as it's supposed to]:

1.) If you are young and 'healthy' [you have no on-going medical issues or use medications] you may want to consider "short-term" medical. These are what HHS refers to as skinny plans - designed to help with catastrophic illness or injury. They can be combined with supplemental plans that pay lump sums in the event of a covered event.  Note #1: these plans do not avoid being subject to that "Individual Mandates" that began on 1/1/14. Note #2: This option keeps you from qualifying for a subsidy for 2014 plan year.

2.). If you believe that
you may be eligible for a subsidy but would like to avoid the '' web site for the moment, go here first to CHECK AVAILABILITY of a SUBSIDY and see some of what we believe are the very best plans that would start on 1/1/14. These are the very same plans that you will find at

The only difference is that you don't risk your personal information at a questionably secure site. (HHS promised a second pathway where you will enrol directly in the plan you choose through a carrier's secure web site, and let them process and confirm your subsidy. [Not fool-proof, but it should be safer!]) The good news is that three of our six major carriers now have access to this 2nd pathway; the bad news is that one only offers coverage in about 1/4th of Florida counties.

The National Association of Health Underwriters, CEO Janet Trautwein recently (12/3/13) written directly to President Obama urging him to take the necessary steps to implement this second pathway - here is a copy of the Letter from Janet Trautwein to President Obama. As of 12/28/13 - a handful of carriers now have this 2nd pathway access!

3.) If you have an existing health issue that might prevent you from getting coverage, and do NOT believe that you will be eligible for a subsidy (or find that's the case using the tools in Option 2) you can see a range of ACA qualified plans that you can enrol in right now, with NO Medical Underwriting, and have coverage begin as early as  1/15/14, without ever visiting! Some of the plans offered here will NOT even be offered via the public marketplace at all. Important: Remember to request a 1/15/14 Effective date quote.

4.) If you have coverage offered through an employer, but the cost of adding your spouse and/or children is too high, we have plans that can cover them independently. The positives to this approach include (a.) you can pick a plan - deductible, co-pay, network and so on that best fits them and (b.) the cost could be significantly less than adding them to an employer-sponsored plan. Be aware that  ACA rules prevent any family member offered employer-sponsored coverage from getting a subsidy regardless of income. 
Getting the subsidy is prevented by the Affordable Care Act, not the fact that you sought out less expensive and/or better coverage!

 Useful & important information for Marketplace Users
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505985 FFM ID  S+A#(AgentID)
  Note # 1: The FFM ID includes +, # and both () characters.
Note # 2: You'll need these if you do anything on the Marketplace. Be sure to put them in early, as soon as asked if anyone helped you with your enrollment.
This cannot be added later in the process.

Whatever you choose to do, before 1/1/14 or after PPACA takes effect, be sure that your decisions are based on information from reliable sources.

The National Association of Health Underwriters' Certification program on the Affordable Care Act is one of the few valid programs designed to give an agent a comprehensive, on-going knowledge of this massive law.

John Sumner is one of only a few hundred agents in Florida so Certified. This and the Marketplace authorization should be a clear element of anyone that you refer to in deciding on your coverage.

One last thing: If you are visiting our site and live in another state, we can help you find coverage there. Our national call center has real agents familiar with plans, carriers and rules in your state. Check it out at: 
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